CFLA/FCAB Endorses ALA Defence of Library Core Values

From the CFLA-FCAB website:


Canadian Federation of Library Associations-Federations canadienne des associations de bibliothèques

“The Canadian Federation of Library Associations / Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA/FCAB) endorses the American Library Association (ALA) statement issued January 30, 2017 defending library core values and condemning recent events in their country. CFLA/FCAB champions values that include access to information, privacy, democracy, equity, diversity and inclusion, intellectual freedom, and social responsibility. Libraries are safe and inclusive spaces that build social capital and support discovery and creation. CFLA/FCAB and Canadian libraries stand together in unity with our American library colleagues in support of welcoming and inclusive communities. “


The ALA statement can be found at .

For more on CFLA-FCAB’s position statements, see .









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