Discussion Lists

The Provincial Library has agreed to host the discussion list for NSLA, and we are interested in hearing from you!

The listserv is useful for many purposes: to share library related information, share what’s on your mind regarding our Association’s activities, and for the Executive to keep you up to date on what’s happening with NSLA.

Simply go to:


and follow the instructions in the section Subscribing to NSLA.

How to Send A Message to the Entire Discussion List:

Please go to the web site above and send a message to the email address listed under the heading Using NSLA.

We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Unsubscribe from the Discussion List:

Please go to the web site above and follow the instructions under the section NSLA Subscribers.

Library Technician Listserv

The Library Technician listserv is available to all Library Technicians/Assistants in Nova Scotia and beyond.
The list has been set up to provide a communication tool to share ideas, provide support for one another, make contacts in the library community, etc.

To subscribe, go to