Professional Support & Development

The NSLA Professional Support & Development Fund (NSLA PS&D Fund) provides grants for projects or activities that will further the aims and objectives of NSLA such as supporting the professional development of members and encouraging innovative collaborative projects that strengthen the Nova Scotia Library community.

Applications will be considered based on the availability of funds.

Submitted applications are required to include:

  • a letter of introduction, including contact information.

  • a project description, that clearly outlines the project or activity, including the timelines and date of activity(s), relevancy to the Nova Scotia library community, partnerships and other sponsoring bodies.

  • a proposed budget, including estimated costs and revenues.

NSLA PS&D Fund recipients are required to submit an informational summary to NSLA within the same fiscal year that the grant is awarded. The project summary will be used to inform the general membership about the sponsored project or activities.

  • The submitted summary should explain to the NSLA membership about the event, project or activities that was supported and how the money was used.

  • Recipients may provide additional information for use on the website or for inclusion in the NSLA Newsletter, such as photos or links to external/event websites.

There is no deadline for PD applications. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis; however it is recommended that members apply early in the fiscal year as funds may be depleted.

Applications should be submitted (email preferred) to the NSLA President.